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Welcome to Penny Carter glass. Each and every piece is unique and carefully handmade by me, in my studio in Devon.
thank you for looking Penny



I enjoy using traditional bead making techniques but with a twist.  I work the glass rods hot directly in the flame building up layers of transparent jelly colours over opaque pithy colours. The warm glass is around 800c, and moves a bit like honey, so its important to keep the liquid glass moving continually and steadily whilst working. I add colour and texture, some of the spike details have up to 4 layers of colour, ( I can’t get enough spiky spots !)

The miniature bottles are my most recent collection, exploring the proportions of bands of colour and texture. There is an Alice in Wonderland potions element to them- eat me ? drink me? Edible fruit like seeds - chilli pepperand pomegranate, kiwi and prickly pear....spikey gooseberry or peppery damson...


Noss Mayo, Devon, UK

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