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Book a glass making experience on one of my bead making courses.
 Just two people per course and plenty of space. Please note, I might need to change dates so that each workshop has two people, but will contact you individually.

INTRODUCTION TO BEAD MAKING - taster day £120 full day 10-4pm

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A  taster day workshop, with professional glass artist Penny Carter. An introduction to get you started making your own glass beads. 

You will be introduced to all the equipment and safety procedures and then be shown how to melt glass rods in a flame to form a basic bead. You will progress onto various techniques of spotty beads with raised bobbles patterns and embellishments, such as dots. You will learn how to add detail and texture using frit and various tools. Be taught how to pull your own 'stringers' and 'twisties' which can be used to decorate beads later. 

You will also learn how to encase your beads in transparent glass, which can create stunning colour tones and give your beads depth. You will have time to ask questions and practice your favourite design skills under the tutor's guidance.The days course will evolve around your skills and confidence. I hope by the end of the day you will a have had learnt hand on how glass moves when its hot and enjoyed the dexterity challenge ! You should have a collection of beads which could be enough to make into a necklace or bracelet. 

Your beads will be annealed in our specialist bead annealing kilns and will be ready for collection the next day. If you don’t live locally, your beads will be posted out to you at no extra charge.
This course runs regularly throughout the year. Please see our website for specific dates. There are also follow on courses where you can learn how to make a piece of glass jewellery.

What's included in the price?

All tools and materials are included. Tea, coffee and biscuits offered, but please bring your own mug. 
Please bring a packed lunch too.

Creative glass bead making 2 days £250,  10-4pm

About the Course

So you've already done an introduction course in lamp working glass and are wondering how to continue ?
This 2.5 day course offers you the opportunity to improve on your initial skills, learn new techniques and create a piece of glass jewellery. 

Penny Carter our resident glass artist will begin the course with a brief refresher introduction based on the techniques you will have learnt on your taster day. You will then be designing and making your own necklace using your favourite colour combinations and techniques learnt. With just two students on the course Penny will be able to guide you personally demonstrating techniques which might be useful specifically for you. 

Day two the first days beads will be annealed and ready to come out of the kiln. You will be able to file and clean the beads yourself. You will then have the opportunity to carefully make the right beads for your necklace and develop skills and colour knowledge. The aim is that by the end of day two you will have a good selection of beads to make into a necklace in your own time.

Day three or more, (independently)
Creating the necklace in your own time.

Stringing, measuring and knotting.
Under the guidance of Penny you will be able to finish your necklace and have plenty of beads to spare. 

Please wear a long sleeved tea shirt which you don't mind if it gets spoilt. Occasionally little bit of glass ping off and can burn tiny holes. 

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What's included in the price?

All materials and tools.
Tea Coffee and biscuits, but please bring a mug.
Also bring your packed lunch.


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