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ringring necklace
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Contemporary Hand Made Glass

Penny Carter


Chilliglass by Penny Carter


Chilliglass is the name of my glass bead making work. Chilli because its hot and chilli as a flavour. I work the glass rods hot directly in the flame building up layers of transparent jelly colours over opaque pithy colours. 

 I make each bead individually in a flame, they then grow into unique pieces of jewellery to enjoy wearing and more recently jewellery for the garden. Tree necklaces, Chilli reeds and Pompom allium.  Enjoying superposing the light of juicy transparent glass, and the deep intensity of opaque colours. By peeling through these layers its possible to create edible fruit like seeds - chilli pepper and pomegranate, kiwi and prickly pear....spikey gooseberry or peppery damson.

The glass elements are made by melting glass rods in the flame at temperatures between 700-800oc. I prefer to use the Italian Effetre rods. The molten glass is manipulated on a mandrel (a metal rod) and by overlaying colours, applying peppery dots, jelly spikes and rings of opaque or transparent flavours... the journey begins


Newton Ferrers, Devon, UK

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