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With the dark nights drawing in its time to light a candle.  Maybe you'll light a candle for someone you miss, or send one to someone who you're missing... or have one each : )

Individually hand made glass candle pot. A spotty cross between some lovely chunky knit socks and a summer trip to Barcelona...

The candles are 22mm diameter 11cm tall. Normal standard candles will fit but I prefer the shorter stumpy ones. Dont let the candle burn down inside the glass as it might crack with the heat- burn time is around 3-4 hours.

Three colourful candles are supplied with the candle pot in a match stick style sliding box 

This lovely thoughtful gift includes 2 colourful candles with the glass candle pot in a sliding box. 

Additional candles will be available to top up soon...

Polka pots

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